How Many Diving Lessons Will I need

Picture of student taking driving test

One of the most commonly asked questions someone asks is ‘how many driving lessons will I need until I can pass my driving test?’

The asnser to this question will vary from person to person. Not sure how many driving lessons to take? According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), you’ll need around 44 hours of professional lessons to pass your driving test. But some people can take a lot less, so don’t panic!

What can affect the number of lessons I  may need?

A Persons Age

According to the official figures, the DVSA says that pupils need to take an extra 2 hours of driving lessons for every year older they get. Put simply the younger you are when you learn to drive, the quicker you’re likely to pass. A young driver can sometimes do this in 20 – 30 hours, whereas an older driver can take considerably longer.

Frequency of lessons

It is important to take regular driving lessons.  I would recommend at least two hours a week, either in one long session or over two sessions a week.  In an ideal world, two – two hours sessions a week if you are in a hurry to learn.

Private practice a much as you can

The DVSA recommend that where possible a student takes private practice between their driving lessons.  This will greatly increase your chances of passing the driving test.  If at all possible practising between lessons with a parent, family member or friend can give your driving a real boost.  Simply put, just drive as much as you can between driving lessons, and as often as you can.

Learning style

Everyone learns differently. Some learn better visually and physically, whilst others learn more quickly with verbal instruction. Whatever your learning style, a good driving instructor will be able to tailor your lessons to suit you

Your Instructor

Choosing a good driving instructor is really important.  Make sure you get along with your instructor and that you do not clash! It’s hard to learn if your instructor puts you off!  Choose someone who can teach and coach you in a way that suits your own learning requirements.  It is also to choose someone that knows their stuff and has plenty of experience.

Also, make sure that anyone you pay for driving lessons is qualified and legally allowed to charge for driving lessons – be careful of fraudsters!

What I offer

As a driving instructor, I offer manual driving lessons in Basingstoke.  I always try to make sure that I teach each learner driver as an individual – teaching everyone according to the style of learning the suits them the best.  All I ask of my students is that they have enough driving lessons to become; safe, independent and drive to a good standard.  The number of lessons can vary, but I feel a responsibility to do my job to the best of my ability.


To sign up for your manual driving lessons in Basingstoke please fill out the form and then I can contact you when I can accommodate your lessons