Know Your Speed Limits

How well do you think you know your speed limits?  Driving safely and within the laws is an essential part of driving.  Not knowing what the maximum speed limit is for the vehicle you are driving could land you with a hefty fine and even points on your driving licence.

Did you also know that a newly qualified driver who has just passed their driving test has a two year probationary period, in which you could lose your driving licence if you acquire more than 6 penalty points in the first 2 years of driving.  Points on any drivers licence could also mean that their insurance premiums rise!

Different speed limits

Speed limits will vary on different roads for different types and sizes of vehicles.  There is a diagram explaining all of the different speed limits and restrictions below, it is important that you are aware of the limits.  For example – if you hire a van for any purpose then the speed limit is not the same as it is for a car.

Make Progress – Don’t Break The Law

A good driver is always taught to make progress and drive at. a speed that is appropriate.  The speed limit is not a target as it is not always appropriate to drive at that speed all the time.  You need to use good judgement when driving.  Plan ahead and look into the distance when driving and react nice and early to any hazard you may see in front of you.  Do not hesitate for longer than necessary at junctions, but make sure you are careful to check before proceeding!

Driving too slowly can be just as bad as driving too fast!  But as I have already said being over the speed limit is without excuse.  Always make sure that you look for speed signs indicating what the speed limit is for the road you are on.  Look out for speed limit signs at all times.

30 Speed Sign Image

It is worth remembering that limits displayed in large red circles are new speed limits, whereas limits displayed in smaller signs are reminders.  Next time you are out think consciously about how many speed signs you may inadvertently miss – it may surprise you.

Diagram of Englands Speed Limitis