Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus driving courses gives you the opportunity to advance your driving ability and polish your skills, giving you the confidence for travelling to long distance destinations and to act calm and decisive in all traffic road situations. Additionally, to that you will receive a Pass Plus driving certificate which will allow you to reduce your insurance if quoted to a participating insurance company.

A Pass Plus driving course provides minium of 6 hours extra training for £280.00 including driving in and around the following places:​



All weather conditions​


Dual carriageways

Rural roads


4 + 2 =

Pass Plus Courses

What Is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus Driving is a UK Scheme that helps new drivers to have the confidence for driving independently and gain valuable experience to drive on the main roads. It is a short driving course totalling six hours, aimed at new drivers who have recently passed the standard driving test. A Pass Plus driving course is not compulsory and there is no formal test to take although the required standard for each module is needed in order to gain a certificate.

For more information please visit the Governments official Pass Plus Page


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Paul's Driving School

You can learn to drive anywhere in the Basingstoke area with Paul's Driving School.  You can take driving lessons and learn at your own pace, with a DVSA fully qualified driving instructor, who has been teaching learner drivers since 2004.  Given a 'Grade A' rating by the DVSA and with an impressive pass rate, Paul could help you 'learn to drive safely and to pass your driving test.  Paul's Driving School also comes highly recommended and has excellent reviews.

Paul's Driving School
201 Paddock Road

RG22 6QG
TEL: 07854 245 494

Opening Hours

Monday                09:00 - 16:00
Tuesday                09:00 - 16:00
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