Congratulations Tyler Chambers

Tyler Chambers

Tyler Aces Driving Test

Today was a proud day for the family and friends of a young man from Basingstoke after he aced his driving test.  Tyler Chambers (17) passed his driving test on the first attempt, with zero faults.

Tyler took his driving test today at the Basingstoke driving test centre and got a well-earned pass.

After facing months of delays due to the covid-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns, his big day finally arrived.

It’s normal to be nervous when taking a driving test

Before his driving test, Tyler admitted to feeling very nervous, as anyone does when they are about to take a driving test. However, at the end of the driving test, he was elated to hear that not only did he pass 1st time but he also had zero faults, meaning his driving was perfect.

It is not unheard of for a driving test candidate to pass with zero faults, but it is not a common occurrence.  So a massive congratulations to Tyler for his hard work and perseverance during these difficult times.


Never assume you have failed!

The funny thing is when I spoke to Tyler at the end of his driving test he actually assumed at one point that he had made a mistake and failed the driving test.  It just goes to show that you should never assume the worse and you should never give up trying!  No matter what happens, keep going and don’t assure the worse.


Would you like to learn to drive?

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Tyler’s Review

” I Would seriously recommend Paul as a driving instructor. He is an excellent teacher and easy to communicate with. I passed my test with 0 faults, all thanks to Paul”

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